Long Island Pool League
Summer 2019
Week 2
Division #1 Division #2 Division #3
Team Name Points W/L Missing
Team Name Points W/L Missing
Harmony {Tim} 30 2/0   Broadway 247 {Scott} 23 1/1  
Tack Room {Bob} 27     Gentry's {Steve} #N/A #N/A #N/A
Daytona's {John} 24 2/0   Broadway 247 {Mike} #N/A #N/A #N/A
Broadway 247 {Scott} 23 1/1   Gentry's {Dave} #N/A #N/A #N/A
Broadway 247 {Jenn} 20 0/1   Public House 106 15 0/2  
Tack Room {Billy} 18 0/1   JW Dowds 16 #N/A  
Daytona's {Don} 17 1/1          
JW Dowds 16 #N/A          
Public House 106 15       #N/A #N/A #N/A
(bye)   #N/A     #N/A #N/A #N/A
Please Note that the number(s) to the right of W/L column indicate the week# of scores that are missing
Also a reminder…. In the box labeled "Missing Weeks" is an indicator of any weeks that scores are missing for. Just be aware that the the points and W/L record shown for a team that has a number or numbers in that box isn't a true reflection of what their final scores may be once those missing (postponed) weeks are played and accounted for.
Note: If you want your scores to be posted on time, text them to (631) 835-4922
Please text a picture of the completed scoresheets as soon as possible
If you have any questions please contact  League Rules, Team & Individual Standings
the league at the following numbers: can be accessed via the web at: